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What Size Storage Unit Do I need in Poway?

Scripps Poway Self Storage Storage Unit Size Guide

If you’re asking yourself, “what size storage unit do I need,” then it’s time to contact Scripps Poway Self Storage in Poway, CA. Our knowledgeable and friendly team can give you a tour of our two-story facility and recommend the right storage unit for you. With indoor and outdoor storage units and over 20 years of experience, we have helped countless customer protect their property at our facility. We have a variety of security features to help you feel comfortable knowing your property is safe with us. Contact our team today to take advantage of our special offers.

Non-Climate Controlled Storage Units

Our non-climate controlled storage units offer unmatched size and versatility. They are clean and secure to ensure that whatever you choose to store will be protected. Our facility is one of the premier self-storage facilities in the area. We use state-of-the-art storage surveillance and security equipment to protect your property. All of our non-climate control units are monitored 24/7, individually alarmed, and secured using gate access into the facility. Find the right unit for your needs.

  • 5×5 Unit – Our 25 sq. ft. unit is perfect for storing extra tools or small recreational vehicles such as dirt bikes, ATVs, and even water skis. It is large enough to hold items from one small room in your home.
  • 5×10 Unit – With 50 sq. ft., you can easily and conveniently store items from one room of your home, including furniture, home appliances, and several boxes. Motorcycle owners may also choose to store their motorcycle over the winter.
  • 5×15 Unit – When you need to store items from two rooms in your home or office, our 5×15 unit is a perfect size. With 75 sq. ft., you can store several appliances and furniture.
  • 10×10 Unit – Home and business owners may find that they need a large amount of storage during a move or renovation. With our 100 sq. ft. unit, you have all the space you need for desks, couches, tables, and chairs.
  • 10×15 Unit – By maximizing your packing, you can easily fit items from up to four rooms in your home in our 150 sq. ft. storage unit. This unit is ideal for home and business owners who need storage during a move or new construction.
  • 10×30 Unit – Our 10×30 unit offers storage space for items from five rooms in your home or office. With 300 sq. ft., you’re able to easily fit almost everything you need.
  • 12×25 Unit – The 12×25 units also boasts an impressive 300 sq. ft. worth of storage space. However, its unique dimensions allow you to store even more. Customers can easily store items from up to five or six rooms in their homes.
  • 12×30 Unit – With 360 sq. ft. of storage space, many homeowners can store all of their personal belongings in this unit. This unit is ideal for companies with additional equipment and furniture or homeowners who need storage before moving.
  • 12×40 Unit – As the premier self-storage facility, our 480 sq. ft. storage units are available for larger homeowners who need adequate space for all of their belongings. It can also easily and comfortably store your RV or motorhome.

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100 sq ft Storage Unit in Poway, CA

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10x30, 300 sq ft storage unit features

Poway's 12x25 Storage Unit

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Climate-Control Storage Unit Size Guide

When you need to secure your items and ensure that they stay protected from the elements, choose our climate-controlled storage units. Each unit is individually alarmed, monitored 24/7, and qualifies for a long-term lease discount. You can be confident that your items are safe with us!

  • 2x2x4 Locker – This storage locker is our smallest and most affordable option. As a climate-controlled unit, your small personal effects will be safe. This locker can hold the equivalent of 8 banker boxes.
  • 5×5 Unit – This 25 sq. ft. unit offers enough space to store items from a small room, including chairs, coffee tables, and several boxes.
  • 5×10 Unit – Our 100 sq. ft. storage unit is perfect for small businesses and homeowners who are looking to free up some space in their home or office for renovations. It can comfortably hold desks, tables, couches, and other pieces of furniture.
  • 10×10 Unit – For families or business owners moving to a new location, the 10×10 storage unit is a perfect selection. It offers ample space to store all of your large furniture items. It can hold up to three rooms’ worth of items. Store your items when you’re moving and access them whenever you’d like.
  • 10×15 Unit – The 10×15 is our largest climate-controlled unit, which provides our customers with 150 sq. ft. of storage space. You can safely and easily store your large bulky furniture items.

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Climate controlled 50 Square Feet Storage Unit

10x10 Climate controlled Storage Unit

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How to Choose the Right Self-Storage Facility? 

When you need safe and secure storage for your property, there is only one name you can trust. Scripps Poway Self Storage has been the premier leader in storage for over 20 years. Our facility offers the latest in security and surveillance technology to protect your belongings. Contact us today to take a tour of our facility.

Call to find your best size of storage unit!