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Poway, CA’s Secure Boat Storage Destination

If you live around Poway, CA and you have a boat that’s sitting on the water or in your driveway, you can bring it to Scripps Poway Self Storage and benefit from our boat storage. Self-storage is a valuable asset you can use to hold onto your belongings without worry. You can use our storage units to tuck away old family mementos, tax records, and bigger items like furniture and appliances.  Our boat storage allows you to safely and securely stow your vessel. Our facility offers a variety of security measures and precautionary features to ensure your boat doesn’t get stolen or damaged while it’s in our care. The rental facility features a gated enclosure with an electronic keypad system to access the units. Each storage unit also has interior fire sprinklers and individual alarms that immediately alert us if a break-in occurs. The buildings are only accessible through another electronic keypad system, and we monitor the facility using around-the-clock camera surveillance systems. Rest assured, your boat is in good hands when you bring it to us. There are many advantages to boat storage at our facility, and we’ve taken the time to explain some of them. We invite you to learn more and don’t forget to consider us for all your storage needs.

Storage unit lock

Secure Storage for Your Vessel

A couple of the greatest benefits of indoor self-storage is the safety and security that comes with it. You’ll have locks, cameras, a security system, and a gated facility with electronic keypads protecting your boat from unwanted visitors. There’s no need to worry about vandalism, theft, or transient people using your vessel as a shelter. The sprinkler systems in every storage unit also prevent damage to your boat if a fire occurs on-site.

The Facility is Climate-Controlled

For the best treatment possible for your boat, you can store it in a climate-controlled storage unit. Issues like variations in humidity cause mold, warping, and other damage to your vessel. But, with a climate-controlled environment, you don’t have to worry about those problems since it keeps the humidity at a constant level. With our self-storage units, you also maintain a continuous temperature to ensure they don’t get too hot or too cold. Extreme temperatures may cause damage to various components on your boat as well as your other personal items. If you’re storing clothes, files, and other moisture-susceptible items, the heat and humidity can damage them. Take advantage of Scripps Poway Self Storage’s environmentally-stable personal self-storage, and you can relax knowing your belongings are safe from mold, mildew, and more.

Your Boat Gets Protected from the Elements

You can keep your boat in top condition by storing it in the indoor facility of Scripps Poway Self Storage in Poway, CA. With your vessel stored indoors, it won’t face exposure to harsh sunlight, rain, hail, or the abrasive dust and sediment in high winds. The exterior and paint stay in pristine condition, thanks to the complete enclosure. When it’s time to put your vessel back on the water, it’ll be in the same condition as when you parked it in your storage unit. Try storing your vehicle at our facility as well, and keep your big investments safeguarded from the ravages of nature.

There’s Plenty of Space for Your Boat

Depending on the size of your boat and the storage space you choose, you may have enough room to work on and clean your boat whenever it needs attention. It is crucial for your storage units to include ample space, whether they’re for your vehicle, boat, or boxes of memories. Use our storage sizing guide to figure out which works best for your needs. When putting your boat away for the season in Poway, CA, you’ll have the room to examine it and make sure everything is intact. When it’s time to bring it out to the water again, you’ll have the access you need to prepare it for the waves. Wherever you store your boat, you want to verify with the office that they allow you to perform repairs and other services while it’s in the storage facility.

Bring Your Boat to Scripps Poway Self Storage

Don’t leave your boat exposed to the pouring rain, bright sunlight, and prying eyes of nosy neighbors. At Scripps Poway Self Storage, you can store your boat in one of our storage units to ensure it’s safe from the elements. You can also count on our secure facility to protect your boat from intruders who might damage it, steal it, or use is as winter housing. When you’re ready to put away your vessel without worry, give us a call to discuss boat storage at our Poway, CA storage facility. You can reach us at 858-748-7777 to get details on the options we have available for all your storage needs.

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