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Boxes, Bubble Wrap, & More Moving Necessities

Successful packing is easier when you have the right packing supplies, including dish boxes with dividers, bubble wrap, mattress bags, and more. Scripps Poway Self Storage offers quality packing supplies for storage and moving. Our packing supplies can help you transport your items into our storage units more safely. We also recommend our moving packing supplies if you’re moving into a new home in the Poway, CA area. Learn more about all the moving and packing supplies we offer, including tie-downs, tape guns, ropes, colored stickers, and more. If you need a storage unit or a moving truck rental, we’re here to help with that as well. Get in touch with us today to learn more.

Secured storage facility in Poway, CA

What We Offer

We have it all, whether you need boxes and packing supplies to get your belongings ready for self-storage or you need packing supplies for moving to your new home. Learn more about the following packing and moving supplies we have for sale at our self-storage facility:

  • Small boxes – These book boxes are excellent for items that are small and heavy, such as books, CDs, DVDs, small kitchen appliances, and more.
  • Medium boxes – Choose linen boxes for sheets, towels, and clothing. Heavy items that don’t fit in small boxes can also be used in medium boxes. Just be sure you don’t fill the whole box with heavy items.
  • Large boxes – Use these boxes to pack up large and light items, including blankets, pillows, toys, and more.
  • China boxes – Dish packs can be used to pack up your glassware, china, pots and pans, and assorted breakables. Be sure to use plenty of bubble wrap or white paper to keep your items safe. You can also pack small statues, lampshades, and vases in these boxes.
  • Picture boxes – These large, flat boxes are ideal for pictures, mirrors, small flat glass pieces, framed documents, and more.

Wardrobe boxes – Use these boxes to hold your hanging clothes, coats, and suits. Wardrobe boxes have metal bars so you can store your clothing as you would in a regular closet. They have enough space for about a foot and a half of closet space. You can also pack shoes or boots at the bottom of these boxes. You can remove the bar if you need to use these boxes for loose or exceptionally large items.

  • Lamp boxes – Be sure to use bubble wrap when packing your lamps. You can combine two of these boxes for tall lamps, and lamp boxes also work for other tall and long items.
  • Tape – Don’t use cheap tape when packing. We offer professional tape so you can close and secure your boxes or wrap moving pads around your furniture.
  • White paper – Use this white wrapping paper to keep your small, fragile items safe. A white paper is ideal for dishes, glass, small statues, and more.
  • Bubble wrap – Protect your fragile items or the fragile parts of your furniture. You can also use bubble wrap for mirrors, small statues, glass, the front of TVs, and more.
  • Shrinkwrap – Protect your furniture from dust and scratches with shrink wrap. This is an effective solution for long-term storage. Wrap your furniture that has sensitive finishes, such as refrigerators or those made of metal.
  • Mattress covers – These large plastic bags fit mattresses and box springs, so they are protected from dirt and dust while being transported on a moving truck.

Professional Packing Tips

It’s important to have the right packing boxes and supplies, but you also need to know how to pack correctly to protect your belongings. Our strong boxes and other moving supplies will get you started. Be wary of collecting boxes from grocery stores or other locations because they are unlikely to be strong and sturdy enough, and you may end up with broken or damaged items. When you purchase quality packing supplies, you’ll be at ease knowing your return on investment means protected items. Check out some professional packing tips for moving your items into storage or into your new home:

Use labels or markers to identify your boxes. Write the contents and the room of your home they belong in. Label all sides of the boxes because the tops may not be visible if they are stacked.

Be sure to take advantage of protective supplies such as bubble wrap or Styrofoam pellets.

You can use tissue paper or corrugated paper rolls to protect your fragile items in a pinch.

Seal boxes with packing adhesive tape and twine. Avoid masking tape when packing.

Keep an inventory of your belongings, including a proper box count and content log.

Be sure to have scissors and a sharp knife on hand for any cutting needs.

Visit us for All Your Packing Supplies

Scripps Poway Self Storage is proud to offer all the packing and moving supplies you could possibly need at our state-of-the-art climate-controlled storage facility in Poway. Our friendly team members can help you determine what supplies you need and help you find the ideal storage unit if you are interested in one. We offer personal self-storage, vehicle storage, secure commercial storage, boat storage, and more. Contact us today to find out more or reserve a storage unit.

Call today for packing supplies!